Working Through Bad Weather

70 %
of US roads are in snowy regions

It’s almost winter- and 70% of US roads are in snowy regions.  Snow and sleet make roads extremely slick, and reduce visibility.  These factors increase the risk of roadside accidents drastically.

Here a few pointers to make sure our providers are safe.

Drive Slowly, Take Your Time

Adjust your speed to road conditions and weather.  Alway take your time to slow down before turning.  As your transition between jobs be transparent with your customers about longer than normal wait times.

Test Your Brakes

Your truck will behave differently in the snow, be sure to do a trip check before leaving your base, checking the fuel lines, and breaks to make sure they haven’t been effected by the cold weather is essential.

Check Weather Conditions

Winter weather can change rapidly, checking the weather along your route and plan ahead, make sure you are well informed before leaving.  Listen to local weather and traffic reports regularly.

Don't Tailgate & Look Ahead

Leave room between vehicles, it’s crucial to have space incase of sudden stops, hydroplaning and sliding.  Leave the gaps in traffic during inclement weather can make a world of difference.  The slipperier it gets, the  further down the road you should look.  Watch out for”black ice.”  The pavement colored ice is one of winter worst hazards.  Black ice is very difficult to see, and can cause vehicle to spin out and your can lose control very quickly.

Stay Connected

During really inclement weather it is important to keep an open line with dispatch.  Update the team and let them know where you are headed and the routes you are going to take.

Maximize Visibility

Make sure you can see properly before setting out.  Clear off all windows and mirrors and make sure that your windshield wipers are fully operational.  Keep a screen scraper, deicer and window covering handy.  Make sure that your headlights and tail lights are all in working order so that other drivers on the road can see you as well.

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